i-55 Traffic Maps

  • Arkansas

  • Batesville

  • Bloomington

  • Blytheville

  • Brookhaven

  • Canton

  • Cape Girardeau

  • Chicago

  • Festus

  • Grenada

  • Hammond

  • Hayti

  • Illinois

  • Jackson

  • Joliet

  • LaPlace

  • Lincoln

  • Litchfield

  • Louisiana

  • McComb

  • Memphis

  • Mississippi

  • Missouri

  • Perryville

  • Ponchatoula

  • Sikeston

  • Springfield

  • St. Louis

  • Tennessee

  • Winona

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    Interstate 55 Freeway

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    The i-55 is a major Interstate Highway in the central US that travels generally in a north-south direction thru 6 US states, those states being; Arkansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.

    The city of Chicago IL is located at it's north end ... and the city of LaPlace LA is located at it's south end.

    The i-55 corridor is one of the main routes for residents of the upper central US to reach the Louisiana Gulf Coast.

    The major interstate highways that intersect the i-55 include the; i-10, i-20, i-39, i-40, i-44, i-57, i-64, i-70, i-72, i-74, i-80, and i-90.

    The i-55 covers a distance of aprox. 964 miles ... which can be travelled in aprox. 16.1 hrs. with a sustained travelling speed averaging 60 miles-per-hour.

    Some of the cities located along the i-55 corridor include;

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